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San Blas Islands in the Panamanian Caribbean

Let your imagination sail away...

Imagine... 365 small islands in the Caribbean, of which only 80 are inhabited.

Imagine... the serene, luminous and life-filled waters, the sensual white beaches and coconut trees.

Imagine... the Kuna Indigenous people with their ancestral history, protective of their culture and environment.

Imagine... yourself sailing and experiencing life onboard a magnificent Catana 43 Catamaran, with a length of 13.10 metres under a Spanish flag, named “Nator”.

Imagine... that you can fish your own dinner, you can go snorkelling, row in a kayak, practice paddling and visit unspoilt hidden spots.

Imagine... those sunsets and those evenings on the deck, with your 5 senses enhanced by the tasty local food; the comfort of three luxury cabins with capacity for six travellers in a boat that hardly rolls.

Imagine... a honeymoon, an adventure holiday, a relaxing escape to the place in your best dreams, without noise, without bustle, with nature in all its equatorial splendour.

For once, go beyond the limits of your imagination and design an unforgettable holiday at sea to your taste. Feel like a true explorer onboard the Nator with SAN BLAS CRUISER, discovering the archipelago of San Blas, in an ALL-INCLUDED TRIP.

El Porvenir (Kuna Yala, Panamá)
Come and sail

San Blas Cruiser

Cruise through the San Blas Archipelago

Sail in total comfort through the San Blas Archipelago, aboard the NATOR Catamaran with SANBLASCRUISER; a fantastic Sailing Catamaran, Catana 43, ideal for high-range chartering, measuring 13.10 metres/43 feet, built in 1999 by the French Shipbuilders Catana, called Nator and sailing under a Spanish Flag. A fast and safe boat designed with the customer’s comfort in mind and providing high luxury during your nautical holidays, with very wide hulls both on the port and starboard sides, ensuring a spectacular sensation of stability.

The boat


Imagine that ...

you can swim, snorkel and explore in warm and crystal clear waters

Paddle / Kayyak

you can row in a kayak or go paddling

Pesca deportiva

you can fish, having all the accessories you may need onboard

Cultura Kuna

you can learn about the Kuna people, their dances, their rituals...

  • Sail between islands

  • Snorkel

  • Discover the indigenous
    Kuna culture

  • Fish onboard

  • Paddle

  • Kayak

The Kuna Yala Region

The eastern Caribbean coast of Panamaand the garland of nearby islands, the ancient archipelago of the mules, or San Blas, is what is called the Kuna Yala, which in the Guna language means “Guna Land” or “Guna Mountain”.

The Kuna region covers approximately 200 miles of the Caribbean coastline of panama, where there are 360 islands; desert islands with white sands, crystal-clear waters and tropical palm trees, full of coconuts. Of these 360 islands, which as the islanders say, represent one for each day of the year, only 80 are inhabited.

San Blas