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Life is beautiful onboard with San Blas Cruiser


You might ask yourself: what can I do on a catamaran apart from sail, sunbathe and swim in the sea?

The advantage of having a hotel room that sails the seas is that you can visit different islands, with their virgin beaches and crystalline waters, without needing any other means of transport.

You can explore the reef or snorkelto the wreck of Dog Island. You will be amazed by its biodiversity, the brightness of the depths and the warmth of its waters. Back on land you can buy their handcrafts, try their food, enjoy the beaches and even have a campfire at night beneath millions of stars

If you are curious about the owners of this paradise, we invite you to discover the ancestral indigenous culture of the Kuna, their dances, their rituals… Onboard the NATOR charter you can visit the different islands.and experience the intoxicating emotion of sail boating.

If you like to fish, we have all fishing accessories onboard. If you like paddling or kayaking, you will also find the right equi.

You will never forget this experience, discovering the archipelago of SAN BLAS, with SAN BLAS CRUISER.

But you might find yourself lost for words when you try to tell others about it: take your best pictures... even underwater.

We make it all possible.

San Blas Cruiser